MindSonar helps you do a great job with people
This site is about how people think. How they feel, what they do, the things they achieve, their limitations, their relationships, their motivation…. it all has to do with theirthinking style. Understanding human thinking. If that does not help you work with people, we don’t know what will…

An X-ray machine for the mind
This site is about MindSonar. A psychological test that measures how people think. MindSonar is for human thinking what the x-ray machine is for the human skeleton. Do you think you know how someone thinks? With MindSonar you can be sure. I like to joke about this: “First we built pyramids, then we put a man on the moon and now we are measuring human thought”. So, if you had an x-ray machine for the mind, what would you do with it?

For people who work with people
This site is about you. If you are a trainer, a consultant, a HRM professional or coach, you are a people worker. And if you are a people worker MindSonar helps you do a great job.

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