MindSonar Business Case – Coaching an Underperforming Quality Assurance Manager

MindSonar Business Case – Coaching an Underperforming Quality Assurance Manager

If you had a machine that could read how people think, what would you do with it?

Keep reading to learn how other professional Consultants and Executive Coaches area using MindSonar® to help good change happen. (You can also read the Spanish version of this article here)

MindSonar is like an X-ray machine for the mind: it is a psychological measurement that helps consultants and trainers understand people’s thinking styles (known as metaprograms) and their criteria (what they find important).

MPA MindSonar can be used in any area where it’s important to understand HOW PEOPLE THINK.

Applications may be personal (e.g., helping a coaching client be a better parent) or business-related (e.g., selecting effective salespeople).

Business Case – MindSonar® – Quality Assurance Manager

David owns a small yet dynamic business in the manufacture industry. Ramon, his Quality Assurance Manager is a young engineer known for his enthusiasm and creativity who has been with the company for 7 years. Lately, he has not been meeting the deadlines to document procedures and standards accordingly.

David knows Ramon is an admirable  professional and looks up to his dynamism and decision-making personality, but his company really needs this certification and Ramon is just not delivering. So, he decides to hire the help of a professional business coach (Lourdes) who uses MindSonar® as a tool to speed up the process of getting to know her new client.

Results were clear; Ramon’s meta-profile was very high on “Options, General and Use” three common metaprograms present in creative leaders. This explained his enthusiastic personality when he worked at developing the procedures as a quality assurance manager; on the other hand, Ramon’s meta-profile was surprisingly low on “Structure, Specific and Concept” which also explained why he was having such a hard time with tasks such as documenting procedures, providing specific information on processes and analyzing the correct usage and definition of concepts within the manuals and procedures of the organization.

All this information provided Lourdes, a professional business coach, with all the information she needed to provide feedback and start the coaching process. With more reliable background information about Ramon, Lourdes provided him with exercises to improve his performance on such metaprograms and together they decided on a strategic plan to compensate for his gaps and challenges. The coach also advised David to empower the people on his team whose profiles were much higher on “Structure and Procedure”

This quick and effective strategic plan soon delivered the results David was looking for, Ramon’s enthusiasm and creativity returned and he proved useful in finding better practices. Lourdes has become the preferred consultant at her company.

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