MindSonar Day Peru 2017

November 1-4, 2017
Lima Perú

For the second year in a row, MindSonar professionals will gather to learn more about MindSonar, exchange and enrich ideas in a three and a half day festivity full of growth, learning and business opportunities. This time, Lima Peru, the city of kings, has been chosen to host the experience.


Lima, Peru. -City of Kings-

Conveniently located near the equator, filled with attractions and with one of the strongest economies in SouthAmerica, Peru has become a referent in today’s business world, voted best food destination several years in a row, with natural and human-made wonders, history and modern attractions, Lima is the place to go for an all inclusive adventure.

Enjoy the world famous “Pisco Sour”, a delicious “Ceviche” or a wonderful “Causa”, take a bike tour around the city, visit Machu Pichu or take some surfing lessons in Miraflores, all of that is Lima, a place where you can find nice people everywhere you go.




MindSonar Day gives us the perfect excuse to mix business and pleasure, increasing the learning of the business while investing in growing for the soul, take advantage of this 3.5 days training full of real cases, new products powered by MindSonar and networking.

We will start with a Ted Talk like scenario where professionals will share their experience with MindSonar and how they use the tool, real cases and ideas will be shared in 15-minute lectures from professionals from different countries, also we will have workshops about Teambuilding, Leadership powered by Mindsonar and also a talk on how to speak the language of a CFO. This, plus two keynotes from external speakers about teambuilding and leadership.

What’s the length of MindSonarDay?




MindSonar Day is actually three (3) and a half days of training and sharing, activities and workshops about products and services with MindSonar,

  • How to teach a Leadership workshop with MindSonar
  • How to teach a workshop for a commercial team (Sales) with MindSonar
  • How to talk CFO’s language, calculating HHRR costs and benefits of implementing tools and services.
  • How to attract and retain talent with MindSonar.
  • New product with MindSonar taught by Jaime Leal
  • Dr. Jaap Hollander delivering a talk about MindSonar
  • 2 external keynote speakers who will share about Leadership and Teambuilding
  • A TeamBuilding Excercise for the attendees
  • A trip around Lima to visit points of interest
  • A TED TALK like event that will work as a Think Tank
  • Amongst other surprises. (The programs is still being designed and could be changed, visit this page often)


 (Program still subject to changes)

Activities Day 1

9am to 1pm      MIND-X

6 conferences with an open networking event with executives, human resources leaders and Coaches from Peru.

3pm – MindSonar Day Kick-Off

Day 2

LEADERSHIP ACADEMY Powered by MindSonar – Agnes Torres (Puerto Rico)

Agnes Torres is one of the most successful Coaches in Puerto Rico and a very active MindSonar professional, A corner stone for Coach Torres success has been the development of what she calls “Leadership Academy” a solution powered by MindSonar.
Leadership Academy is a module based program which goal is to develop a new generation of managers and directors within an organization. Communication, Negotiation, Teambuilding and of course Leadership are some of the subjects in this one-two year program.

HEAD HUNTING Powered by MindSonar – Carlos Arguello (Ecuador)

Psychologist Carlos Arguello, originally from Ecuador and director of AR Consulting, a firm specialising in training and headhunting of high profile managers and directors in Guayaquil (Ecuador) has developed a headhunting system based in thinking styles powered by MindSonar. Carlos will be sharing his strategy for headhunting and recruiting with MindSonar.

IF EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE…  – Monica Castañeda (Peru)

Monica Castañeda is a successful Peruvian Coach and our MindSonar strategic ally in Peru, Coach Monica is author of a successful series of tales and stories about forgiveness and personal growth and will be sharing “If everything is possible….” a keynote not to be missed during our MindSonar Day event in Lima.


Day 3

NEUROSCIENCE – Shirly Goldrossen (Argentina)

Coach Shirly Goldrossen is a Positive Psychologist with a Master in Neuropsychology who specialises in Neuroleadership and creativity, Shirly will share a keynote on the rol of the different brain sections and executive competencies, definitely a keynote not to be missed.

NEGOTIATION Powered by MindSonar – Coach Pedro Saldivar (Mexico)

Coach Pedro Saldivar is an experienced PCC Coach recognised by the ICF, he specialises in Coaching senior executives and business owners in the North of Mexico, specially those who are running a family business and want to make sure that the next generation continues to succeed in the industry.
We all know how difficult can negotiating can be, specially when family members are involved,Pedro has developed a system to facilitate negotiation processes using MindSonar and will be sharing it during our MindSonar Day Lima 2017.


SECRETS OF AN EFFICIENT LEADER Powered by MindSonar (uses LEGO bricks) 
Debbie Yarhi (Guatemala)

Coach Debbie Yarhi from Guatemala is an experience educator and certified Coach, Debbie is also a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY certified facilitator who has co-developed different solutions powered by MindSonar and using LEGO bricks, during our MindSonar Day event in Lima 2017, Debbie Yarhi will be sharing “Secrets of an efficient leader” a one day-two day workshop using our favourite tool MindSonar. and the world famous LEGO® bricks.

Tour Around LIMA

Enjoy the marvels of hispanic Peru visiting downtown, eating famous Ceviche and taking a walk around the Plaza. We will take a tour around Lima

Day 4

CAMPUS VITAE Powered by MindSonar – Gisela Bianchi (Bolivia)

 Coach Gisela Bianchi and Marketing expert Jorge Castrillon have developed a system to improve Universities and Institutes branding with the help of MindSonar. Coach Bianchi, is also a strategic MindSonar ally in Bolivia.


Bianca Negron is a successful entrepreneur, a personal branding guru and MindSonar strategic ally in Puerto Rico. Bianca is so business oriented that by the t imeshe first attended the certification training in Mexico (2013) she had already sold all her MindSonar tests, actually as mentioned during that training, her clients had already paid her certification training.
Bianca has many successful programs, one of them devoted to helping teens discover their purpose and choose their careers, a workshops so successful than is being replicated not only with young adults but with their parents too.
During our MindSonar Day event in Lima Peru, Bianca will be sharing her GPS – Discovering the gap- program powered by MindSonar.

DISCOVER YOUR DREAM TEAM – Uses MindSonar and LEGO bricks.

Dr. Jaime Leal uses MindSonar and LEGO bricks to help teams take advantage of disruptive thinking, creating psychologically diverse teams that can lead with conflict. Join Jaime and learn how to teach a successful teambuilding workshop using MindSonar.




After our successful event in Cancun Mexico on 2016, we received some feedback about the different options available to fit the different budgets, attending that feedback we decided to plan the event at a downtown hotel in Lima, where the attendees will have many hotel options available for them to chose from. We still recommend staying at the hosting hotel for the event, it has special prices for MindSonarDay attendees.

Investment per person

  • Access to event and welcome kit
  • Food and soft drinks (Coffee/Tea break during the event)
    • Morning coffee break, Lunch and Evening coffee break
  • For those staying at the host hotel (Costa del Sol) your breakfast is included.
  • TeamBuilding Activity
  • Event souvenirs
  • Note: Each person reserves and pays for their hotel accommodation and plane trips.

early bird price (Valid until March 15th)

USD$ 990

Reserve your spot with only $250.00

Price registering before May 15th, 2017


Regular price after May 15th, 2017 


*Maximum of 40 attendees for the event.

  • Price in American Dollars
  • All major credit cards accepted (Excepting AMEX and Dinners), Paypal is also available.
  • Maximum of 40 attendees
  • Fee must be fully paid before September 1st, 2017
  • Have any questions?, please do not hesitate to contact me at jaime@mindsonar.ca

Even though the hotel is not included in the fee, we have obtained a very attractive deal with the Costa del Sol hotel, they have special prices for the attendees, all you have to do is to call them directly and tell them that you are attending MindSonarDay. Shall you need any help with booking your stay, translation issues, we are here to help!

Date of event: November 1st to 4th 2017 Place: Lima , Peru Hotel: Costa del Sol
  Hotel Costa del Sol
Tel: (51) (1) 2002300
Ext. 5438
Rosa Pintado
Hotel Website here To reserve your accommodation, please call the hotel using the code: 1132-2017

Note: Please kindly note that we highly recommend to book your stay (At least) starting on October 31st. and checking out on November 5th. This will provide you with enough room to enjoy the full event.

Nota 2: The prices of the event does NOT include accomodation, each participant must book his/her own reservation.
The hotel Costa del Sol has provided us with a special deal for the attendees of the event.

Habitación simple estándar Habitación Matrimonial estándar Habitación doble
1 person
Bed:  Queen size
Price: $109 USD
2 people
Bed: king size
Price: $109USD
2 people (Maximum of 3)
Beds: 2 Double beds
Price for 2 people: $109 –USD3 people
Price: $142USD (Includes extra bed)

NOTE: Prices in american dollars.


Have a look at the map around the Hotel. LINK AQUI

There are also several hotels around the area, 5,4 and hostels are available walking distance. we highly recommend staying at the hosting hotel, but we also understand some may enjoy staying at a different place or traveling on a different budget.

Would you like to know more about MindSonar Day, please do not hesitate to contact us now.