MindSonar is not a personality test

A colleague from the UK mailed me saying:

” I suppose what I find difficulty with is if according to the NLP model “personality” is situational, in other words we are “at cause” and can choose to be whoever we wish to be depending upon our outcome and upon our context, then how could we ever measure that? Personality from… this perspective is not a stable trait which can predict certain behaviours and language in certain contexts, it is simply what someone chooses to do or not do. Congratulations on getting Mind Sonar to where it is. A great effort and good news for those who wish to see standards raised in NLP.”

Let me correct this misunderstanding (the remark about personality, not the compliment about raising the standards of NLP ). MindSonar is not a personality test. MindSonar measures how someone thinks in a given context. We presuppose that they may have a completely different MindSonar profile in a different context. And in fact people have often demonstrated this. One of the assignments in the certification training is to make a profile for two different situations: one situation in which you were ‘in flow’ and everything was going just fine, and another profile for another situation where you were unhappy with how you responded. People usually come up with strikingly different profiles for these two situations. This principle is expressed by Rodger Bailey in his old adagio: “Everything changes by context”.

That being said, I have also noticed that people do differ in the extent to which their thinking changes by context. Not everyone changes as much when the context changes. Although this seems relatively rare, some people will have stable profiles, no matter what happens. And others may have certain clusters (metaprogram combinations) that remain the same in different contexts. These stable elements might be considered personality traits for these specific people.

Jaap Hollander
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